Please notice: The Dotfile Generator may still be useful to you, but I've stopped working on it years ago.

What is the Dotfile Generator

The Dotfile Generator is a tool to help the user configure basic things as well as exotic features of his favorite programs without knowing the syntax of the configuration files, or reading hundreds of pages in a manual. The idea is that the user is presented the features with graphical objects like check buttons, entries, pull down menus etc. All the way, help is available by pressing the right mouse button.

Currently there are modules for the following programs:

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The Dotfile Generator requires Tcl/Tk, but don't let that scare you, Tcl/Tk compiles on almost every machine running X windows. Furthermore Tcl/Tk is included in every major Linux distributions.

Here's a link to sources and binaries of Tcl/Tk:

What is the current status of The Dotfile Generator

I stopped working on The Dotfile Generator in 1998. My last job was to make sure that the last release was as stable as possible. This means that The Dotfile Generator still can be used to configure at least Bash, Tcsh, and Procmail.

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