Example of the KDE regular expression widget

The following is a number of screen dumps of the Regular Expression widget I'm working on for KDE.

The widget is now part of KDE.

To build a regular expression, the user must press the buttons in the left part of the screen and afterwards press at the wanted location in the area at the right part of the screen. The widget can support the full range of Qt3 regular expressions.

Example - Section regular expression

This regular expression may be used by for example Emacs to state what a LaTeX header looks like (Note the syntax is however Qt3 not Emacs syntax of regular expressions)

Example - Match mail from a mailing list

This regular expression may be used by a mail filtering tool like procmail. The regular expression should then match the header of a letter.

Example - Regexp for all my possible email addresses

A Mail client might like to know which mails are sent by you. This might be done with a regular expression stating which from lines you send mail from.

Example - Emacs outline mode regexp for HTML headers

This is an example where I think the regular expression fills to much screen space for so little. It is an other example of a regular expression from my Emacs outline definition. It matches the beginning of a header field.

Example - Regexp for valid C variable names

Telling the regular expression widget about character ranges is done using a pop up menu. This menu can be seen below.

When the user has pressed OK on this window, then the window will disapear and the regexp dialog will be updated. This can be seen in the next screen dump.

Jesper Kjær Pedersen <blackie@blackie.dk>
Last modified: Fri Jul 6 12:40:19 2012